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The battle of the Chateauguay

The battle of the Chateauguay was a military head-to-head that happened in October 1813. It was a conflict between England and their allies, notably the colony of Lower-Canada and some Huron and Mohawk helpers, to the Americans.

To understand the battle, it’s important to know that the USA, recently became independent of England and that they were still in opposition. Lower-Canada (Now known as the Province of Quebec), was a British colony that was neighbouring to the Americans. The US army decided to process to an aggressive military strategy by planning an attack in Montreal to cut the shipments to the Upper-Canada (actual Ontario).

An American army of 3000 men, commanded by the Major-General wade Hampton, took the Chateauguay river towards Île-Perrot, where they had a second float waiting for them. More than halfway there, they were intercepted by the military troops of Charles de Salaberry. That British defence was composed of 1800 men, mainly soldiers, French Canadians and Natives. Their strategy was to set up traps in the way of the Americans to slow them down and potentially stop them. It’s at Allan’s Corner, actually located between the towns of Howick and Ormstown, that the British won the battle. It was decisive and there were more than 100 injured and around 50 deaths.

The battle of the Chateauguay is considered a turning point in Canadian history. Without that victory against the Americans, Canada would’ve been different and potentially part of the United States of America.

Come spend a day at Kayak Safari and make the most of those historical waters, fundamental to our Canadian history.

The health benefits of kayaking!

Kayaking, above the bonus of being an exciting and joyful activity, has plenty of health benefits too.

First of all, it’s an activity that strengthens your cardiovascular system, which gives you energy and lengthens your life expectancy. The heart is indeed a muscle and has to be worked out to stay healthy. Considering that it’s the organ that is responsible for most of the others, he’s important.

Secondly, kayaking strengthens your muscles. Endurance and strength are touched, and you will feel the benefits in your everyday life! You can also have tonus, which is a process that will make your body firmer. No more wobbly arms!

Then, kayaking burns calories, which can lead to weight loss and lower fat percentages. With enough kayaking, you can have the silhouette that you always dreamed of!

Finally, kayaking is beneficial for your mental health. Physical activity in nature stimulates areas of the brain which are responsible for creating hormones that help your mood and that give you a happy sensation. People that are anxious, depressed and or that need to clear their mind are often encouraged to kayak. The physical health benefits also raise your self-esteem.

Kayaking is beneficial for your physical and mental health. You will feel refreshed after a good day on the river. Run at Kayak Safari to live an original adventure good for your health! It’s way too nice out to stay in.

The 2017 season is on!

As of May 22nd, Kayak Safari has been open for another season. Our ever growing team, now counting 13 members, is ready to serve you and provide you with amazing adventures on the river! Three students were hired this year from the community. Our team is now comprised almost entirely of local students and educators.

We have many new projects and plans for this year. A quality changing room will be accessible to help you get prepared before and after your adventure. New equipment, notably multiple new kayaks, was bought exclusively for our clients. A new vehicle was purchased to maximise our shuttle system! We also have a brand new website to inform and serve you. Check out the employee bios!

Finally, there are plans to have a « Chill zone » for our clients to relax before their adventures on the river.

Call us now or visit our web site to book an unforgettable day on the river. Summer is short, be sure to  jump on the opportunity to experience Kayak Safari on one of our beautiful summer days!

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