Kayaking in the Park – (3hrs)

9:00AM to 4:00PM – Up to 7.1km

“Start at Parc ile Russell and explore the local area.”

  • Step 1: Reserve your spot online
  • Step 2: Arrive at Kayak Safari, 2 Henderson, Hunitngdon, at your reservation time. Receive instructions, paddle and life jacket.
  • Step 3: Present yourself at Park Russell Island (950m, 2 mins by car, see map) A Kayak Safari team member will aide and assist you with further instructions.
  • Step 4: Drive your vehicle 950m (2
    mins) to Parc ile Russell (see in picture
  • Step 5: Meet the Kayak Safari
    teammate and receive further
  • Step 6: Enjoy your kayaking in the
    park adventure!
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